Irrigation Systems for the College Station & Bryan, TX Areas

Whether you are trying to keep your beautiful flower bed thriving or you just want your lawn looking great, it can be a chore to do so. Let the team at Colton Rhodes Lawn and Landscape provide you with the help you need. We offer irrigation system installations that will help reach the areas that you want watered. Instead of using a hose and flooding the ground all at once, irrigation systems allow you to spray a small amount of water over a longer period. This allows plant’s roots time to soak up the water for maximum benefits.
Improve Your Landscaping With Irrigation Systems

In many areas of Texas, it is important to water your foundation so that the dry soil does not wreak havoc on your foundation. With irrigation systems, you don’t have to worry about the last time you watered your lawn, as it will complete this task automatically.

We work with our customers to create custom irrigation systems aimed at fitting the needs of each of our customers. Our carefully designed plans use the best products in the industry to ensure your irrigation will lasts for years to come. 

Just because you have a beautiful landscape in your yard doesn't mean you have to spend hours working on it. Colton Rhodes Lawn and Landscape can provide you with a professionally installed irrigation system. With an irrigation system from us, your lawn will be the talk of the neighborhood. Contact us today.
Irrigation Repairs 

With an irrigation system, it is important to have the proper design. This will keep your lawn uniformly covered. At Colton Rhodes Lawn and Landscape, we want our customers to be satisfied with their system. That is why we use the most durable and long-lasting parts available to us. 

Being exposed to the natural elements, these systems can withstand a lot. They may experience normal wear and tear, which makes it important to have regular maintenance done to find any potential issues. The perfect time to do a check up on your irrigation system is during the spring, when the weather starts to get warmer once again. Our techs will make sure your system is flowing correctly and make any necessary adjustments.

When you need a new irrigation system or repairs in the College Station or Bryan, TX areas, rely on us!
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